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Do You want a perfect body???
Tried all the efforts for a fit and healthy body...
But Alas! 
All Your Money time and energy went in vain... 
You see no improvements...
ad Now  You are upset about Your health...
Now No more helath related worries with the advent of Body composition Monitor...

Bio electrical impedance analysis, commonly used method for estimating body composition, particular body fat.
Today's technological Improvements have made such Body composition Monitor more efficient and productive and give best results.

Weight Composition monitor enable you to measure and record your body weight to see how you are progressing towards your goal weight.
body composition monitor allows you to measure just how much fat is in your body, giving a much truer picture of how overweight you really are.

"It's a good motivational tool that would inspire to someone who has been dieting and exercising to get the perfect Body and is starting to lose motivation because nothing is changing on the scales.
Its  a stand-alone device
This body composition monitor provides you with complete body analysis to assist you reach your diet and fitness goals. 
It not only helps You body weight but also measures the fat, and the good thing about this is that it does all without any pain.

Its not just a scale, but also help You keep fit and healthy by motivating in helping You to track Your diet.
It helps You know Your fitness progress with ease and make suitable hangs in Your Diet and exercise to achieve the target and fulfill Your goal.

It very user friendly and accurate.
It very handy and can be used any time at Your leisure in the comfort of Your home.
Using its sensor technology, the Body Composition Monitor gives you a painless and accurate total body reading - body weight (in kilograms), body fat percentage and visceral fat percentage - to help you understand how efficiently your body is working and to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. 

It gives Quick-and accurate results and can be used at easy 
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“The Greatest Wealth Is Health”. This is a famous quote and yes is truly applicable in Today’s busy time when life has become a competition and we are proving our worth everywhere. Maintaining Health has become a part of our daily health regime and yes we need to maintain our fitness not just to retain that energy from the busy work schedule but to keep ourselves healthy and fit.
Food we eat and drinks we take everyday plays a very crucial role in maintaining our fitness regime so it becomes very important to keep a check on our daily consumption. It is always very important to make the right Eating and drinking choices and avoid toxic food, drinks and the ingredients it contain.
According to Survey Bad eating and drinking habits are the leading reasons for obesity which further lead to various hazardous diseases. Kids are generally prone to this disease of obesity because of wrong eating habits and the consumption of beverages which causes negative impact on body and mind as well.
A change in the eating and drinking habits can lead to a better health and for taking a step further into this it is required that we understand what we must eat in our diet and what to avoid. One must be know the quality of food he or she is consuming and the harm or effect it is going to do in our body.

With these useful tips we hope you to take good note of your eating and drinking Habits. 


                                                    FITNESS IN YOUR HAND

Dumbbells are a great way to start out with weighted strength training for a few reasons. First, most gyms will have a good set dumbbells, even if it’s a basic gym in your apartment complex. If you want to train at home, you can get a set of DUMBBELLS  that don’t take up a ton of space.

Second, dumbbells make it easy to add a small amount of weight to a movement, and dumbbell exercises can seem less intimidating than barbell training.  On top of that, starting with a 45 lb barbell might be too much weight at first.  Dumbbells  also have an added stabilization challenge, and point out muscle imbalances pretty easily.
If you can’t finish a rep, it’s much easier to drop a dumbbell than it is to drop a barbell. As a newbie learning the movements, this might be helpful.

The main benefit to using dumbbell exercises in your workout routines is that on top of exercising the main muscles, dumbbell exercises will also require the input from various stabilizing muscles as well.

This is in contrast to exercising on gym-type machines where main targeted muscles are isolated and are the only ones being utilized.

Dumbbell exercises allow complicit muscles to grow in strength together and prevent muscle groups from developing independently and out of sync.

Another benefit to using dumbbell exercises in your workout routines is that they only require you to have access to a pair of dumbbells and a workout bench. Using only these two pieces of equipment you’ll be able to perform hundreds of exercises and target every major muscle group in your body.

One dumbbell with rubber grip with 2 adjustable clamps with star nuts (about 2 kg)
6 tablets black metal
2 x 0.5
2 x 1.25
2 x 2.0 kg.

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Father’s Day is right here, let’s put some focus on dad’s health.

Dads don’t complain about their health or seek advice from professionals on how to stay healthy.

This Father's Day, give your dad another reason to celebrate by helping him to be healthy.

Health tips for dad are:

1. Get regular screenings and tests – Don’t postpone or neglect your regular exams, tests and screenings. This becomes even more critical especially after 50-65. With regular exams, your doctor will be able to get a better picture of your overall health and any changes that might have occurred and provide recommendations and care as needed. Ask your doctor what needs to be checked out based on your age and health history.

2. Diet and work out – You’ve probably heard it a 1000 times but a diet and exercise can affect your health and reduce chances of conditions including diabetes, heart attack, and obesity. Make sure he does 30-60 minutes of exercise every day of the week and include some strength exercises, too.

• Zinc

Helps prevent erectile dysfunction and male infertility. Also maintain a healthy prostate. Food sources include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and oats and mushrooms. Blending seeds with your other favorite ingredients for a smoothie provides protein as well as a good amount of zinc. Safe dosage for consuming supplements is 40 mg or less; taking more than 40mg can cause toxicity in the body.

• Iron

Men high iron can result from eating too much liver, pork and beef or fortified cereals. Be sure to take multi-vitamins specifically for men as they will have lower amounts of iron or none at all. High amounts of iron are associated with higher risk of heart disease, liver disease, and cancer among other health issues. It is important for men to test their iron levels in the body through the following two blood tests called "serum ferritin" and "transferrin saturation." Both tests are necessary to determine an accurate reading.

• Healthy Fats

Eat salmon, walnuts and flax seeds (ground up and put in a smoothie or sprinkled in cereal) to increase the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in the body – a factor in a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Avoid transfats from junk foods and fried foods associated with inflammation in the body and increased risk of heart disease.

3. Listen to body – Often dads will put off going to the doctor or hospital. Don’t be a hero and listen to your body. If something seems off and you are not feeling yourself, contact a doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Limit or avoid alcohol and never use tobacco – The effects of tobacco and alcohol have been proved. In moderation, wine and even beer has been shown to have some heart health benefits. Best is to limit alcohol consumption or drink in moderation. On the other hand, tobacco use in every form and usage level is bad. There are programs and medications available to you to help you quit this costly and life-shortening habit.

5. Good sleep – Good sleep can make all the variations in our functionality, attitude, energy level and health. Sleep is important for recharging the body’s systems. Serious conditions like sleep apnea exist and the more weight you carry, especially around your stomach area can affect your health. Losing weight can help reduce these risks.

As an added bonus to a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to get plenty of fresh air.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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It is often difficult to maintain a daily regime of fitness and skincare especially when you are not a morning person. But there are few beauty habits you need to add in your morning regime to get a healthy and beautiful skin.

With the waking up what you need to do is fill your stomach with a large glass of water. Yes a large glass of ice chilled water is a key for kicking off your metabolism and helps you in getting started for the day. 

Another habit you can add is drink green tea. Yes Green Tea if very effective in slowing down the cell damage and packed with flavonoids. Another effective thing you can do to avoid the morning puffiness is get some morning mist from your fridge. Yes this will really make you feel more awake and activate your skin.

But to be honest, in the morning it gets really difficult to manage so many things and thus to manage your beauty regime there are few tips,

  • Plan your attires and other necessary things in advance to ignore last minute inconvenience.
  • In the morning try only those hair styles or make up for which you are sure, to work don’t mess up your regime.
Hope these tips will help you plan your morning skin regime efficiently


We are born of different traits but we naturally carry few of the traits, genes and lifestyle of our ancestors or of our Parents. With the increasing risk of diseases spreading across it has naturally become important for us to know our family medical history as well. Now the question arises what is this Family Medical History? Family Medical History is a database of all health information about a person and his or her entire family and relatives on the basis of which Medical Professionals can determine the increased risk of developing a particular condition.
A proper medical history of family can determine the chances of medical disorder in a person like heart disease, High Blood Pressure, certain types of Cancers and Diabetes. But looking at the Positive side having a medical History of certain diseases does not assure a person has to suffer with these diseases.

It is always advisable by the Medical Professionals to have perfect record to guide you towards maintaining your fitness regime and definitely help you and your family from any serious health hazards. The other important thing is to keep the family health information updated to avoid any further risk. 


It has Main Frame of A1 alloy with cruiser 44T crank set. It has FPD platform pedals with kraton non-slip comfort accompanied by KMC Z-410, rust buster chain. It includes Vera seaside Tires with coaster brake set.

It is available in two fascinating colors Silver and Black
A Ladies Bicycle can also be used by boys without much problem, but not vice-versa. If you are a girl and want to lose stomach fat or fat around hips and waist, bicycle riding for 30 minutes a day is a fantastic idea. But you have to modify your diet and consult your physician before that. If weight loss is not your primary purpose, and only school, college or office going is your main objective, then also, health and fitness benefits are the positive benefits of cycling.


fitbit flex - medisouq


 FITBIT FLEX helps You keep FIT and makes Your Lifestyle more energetic. FITBIT is a complete caring device for Your Health.This Slim and Stylish Device is with You all the time. Wherever You go or whatever You do FITBIT FLEX is with You caring your health all the time during the day and also when Your are fast Asleep.During the day it Tracks steps, how much distance have You covered walking, it also keeps the count of calories burned, and all the active minutes You spent, It helps You track a complete update about Your weight

FITBIT is a Friend that does not leaves You alone even when You are sleeping. It Monitors how long and how well you sleep. It also checks Your Sleep Quality. Your dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up to help you learn how to sleep more soundly. And a Good News for Your Partner - Your Alarm will no more disturb Your Partners Sound Sleep. FITBIT wakes you (not your partner) with a silent wake alarm

-LED ligts

Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It?s the motivation you need to get out and be more active. It  not only sets Goal for You but also keep a complete attention view Your progress and earn badges. In todays world of Technology FITBIT is all ready with the free AAP for Your IPHONE and Android Phone. This Easy-to-wear, slim, comfortable wristband is with You all the time even when You are sleeping. It is water resistance and hence it is with you even in the shower. All you need to do is to keep the batteries charge as it it has Rechargeable batteries
fitbit flex - medisouq

Peculiarities of FITBIT FLEX
  •    Encourages exercise through fun and comparable interactivity
  •    Helps you monitor your sleep patterns
  •    Log activities, meals and more
  •    Syncs activity information wirelessly & automatically & 5-7 day battery life
  •    Compatible with iOS and Android platforms as well as supports use with popular fitness       apps, Slim and water-resistant design .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Medisouq Follow us on