Brushing your teeth is definitely essential when taking care of your mouth.

1.      Before you brush you should floss to get to places your toothbrush bristles cannot reach. Flossing should be always a part of your oral care routine.

2.      While brushing, position the brush on 45° angle toward your gum line. Circular strokes will do the trick, particularly in removing plaque. Your dental history as well as your own dental needs will be considered to determine the right brushing technique. Mostly Modified Bass Technique* is recommended.

3.      Use Fluoride toothpaste.

4.      Brushing should be long enough for 2 minutes. Brush at least twice a day.

5.      If brushing hard is your habit it's time to change it, you should always brush gently. Hold your brush with just two fingers to help you get an idea of how gentle you should brush.

6.      Whitening tooth pastes are for everyone. These particles do whiten your teeth but they scratch your teeth's surface to remove the stains.

7.      Improper brushing can lead to abrasion and recession at your gingival level.

8.       Avoid brushing right after a meal. Instead, wait at least 30 minutes since the ph. in your mouth is still low and acidic. However, if your brush isn’t nearby, you can simply eat crunchy fruits and vegetables to clean your teeth the natural way.

More visual demonstration:

1.       For Flossing Technique:
2.      For *Modified Bass Brushing Technique:

3.       For Brushing Technique:

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