Very few of us brush our teeth without mistakes. Thankfully, where there is a mistake, there is a solution to fix them.
1. You pick the wrong brush: The thing we insist upon is that a brush should have soft bristles and they should bend to get under the gum. The size of the brush is also important, if you have a small mouth you cannot brush with a bigger head.
2. You go too down on your teeth: Before starting my career as a dentist, even I thought the harder I scrub my teeth, I will see better result. This is why majority of my patients when asked have repeated. They feel they donot reach the teeth surfaces effectively. Plague is a soft material it doesn’t take force to remove it. Replace your dictionary from “scrub” to “massage”.
3. You rush: Never rush while brushing; minimum is two mintutes twice a day. You can watch your daily news while brushing, so you know u havent fallen short.
4. You hold on too long: Change your good toothbrush which you get fond off every 3 to 4 months, or when you see it changing to discoloured, bent and dirty looking. It’s wise not to share toothbrushes with anyone else, even it be someone you love.
5. You go back and forth:  You are not marching like military people left and right. Again think about massage, not scrub. Starting from your gum line go up-and-down and in circular motions. If you don’t do it right you can end up damaging.
6. You forget the gum line: Bacteria loves your pockets, pockets are where your tooth meets your gum. We miss it during brushing; bristle should be able to bend. Use the angle at 45 degree while brushing. And lastly don’t miss your tongue and roof of your mouth.
7. You go in too soon: New Year celebrations are around the corner, you have nice cosy dinner. Then you remember your dentist in mind, pushing you to brush. Well here it is better to brush than not doing it at all but it’s quite too soon, you have the acids from the food still in your mouth and you are basically helping to erode away your tooth. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes to let your saliva do the work, then your ready to go.
8. You don’t make one time wonderful: Burshing is boring right. You start with your right side by the time you reach the other end; you tend to get lazy or just in a hurry to finish it off. So to make it exciting, start with different sides each day, you will participate more in your brushing techniques. Go through brushing flossing and rinsing, it will do wonders.
By Dr. Syeda Shadan Zoya - Doctor of Dental Medicine
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