It is often difficult to maintain a daily regime of fitness and skincare especially when you are not a morning person. But there are few beauty habits you need to add in your morning regime to get a healthy and beautiful skin.

With the waking up what you need to do is fill your stomach with a large glass of water. Yes a large glass of ice chilled water is a key for kicking off your metabolism and helps you in getting started for the day. 

Another habit you can add is drink green tea. Yes Green Tea if very effective in slowing down the cell damage and packed with flavonoids. Another effective thing you can do to avoid the morning puffiness is get some morning mist from your fridge. Yes this will really make you feel more awake and activate your skin.

But to be honest, in the morning it gets really difficult to manage so many things and thus to manage your beauty regime there are few tips,

  • Plan your attires and other necessary things in advance to ignore last minute inconvenience.
  • In the morning try only those hair styles or make up for which you are sure, to work don’t mess up your regime.
Hope these tips will help you plan your morning skin regime efficiently