Donating a unit of blood can save 3 lives
The need for blood is ongoing and must be met every day.
The Dubai Blood Donation Center (DBDC) of the Dubai Health Authority is the major blood bank of the UAE that committed to providing a safe and adequate supply of blood.

The demand for blood is growing faster than the collection rate and DBDC has been requested to have an instant response to the rapid growth in blood demand which is obviously proportionate to the fast growing population of the city along with healthcare facilities.

Dubai Blood Donation Centre received 49,223 donations in 2016
About 450ml of blood is collected at one time,around 10 per cent of a donor’s total blood volume
A whole blood donation takes 8-10 mins
A healthy individual can donate blood every 4 months.
After donation plasma is replaced by the body within hours and platelets within days
Each blood donation may potentially help save up to four lives for those suffering from Thalassemia, Leukemia or road accident victims and many other cases.
Giving blood can help all, with no distinction of gender, race or religion. It is a simple way to contribute to the UAE's Year of Giving campaign.