Choosing toothpaste might be very troublesome, with so many brands. However always look out for ADA seal, confirming that they have been tested.

If you are lazy in brushing and following your oral care, no toothpaste can save your teeth.

If you have yellow teeth, you can opt for whitening toothpastes which contain mild abrasives that can help to polish them and prevent future buildup of stain. Look for pastes containing modified silicone abrasives for whiter smiles.

If you are cavity-prone or a chocolate lover, then go for mineral fluorides which ADA refers it as a fighter of cavities. Another tip follows “spitting” instead of “rinsing”.

Very sensitive gums or teeth with exposed surfaces may not be because of poor brushing. Opt for toothpastes containing desensitizing ingredients like strontium chloride or potassium nitrate; either may help in easing the pain.

To prevent tartar build-up which is very hard and needs your dentists to scrap it off, won’t just go away with brushing only. Tartar fighting ingredients like pyrophosphate or zinc citrate can prevent your plaque formation that when ignored forms tartar.

If you are denture wearer any regular toothpaste will work for dentures. However you do get solutions or effervescent tablets to clean more effectively.

I hope now you will be able to choose correct toothpaste for healthy and pearly whites.



Dr. Syeda Shadan - Doctor of Dental Medicine

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