The symptoms of menopause are sometimes hard to miss and sometimes women go through this without any complications. But for some women it can be very complicated to determine the exact reason behind the problems and changes occurring in your body.

The primary symptoms that women experience during the time of Menopause vary from person to person and it all depends upon the hormone of the women. But depending upon this there are few symptoms mentioned below.

 Change in menstrual cycle: You will difficulty during your periods. Sometimes you may experience heavy bleeding, and sometimes just spots and sometimes lighter bleedings.

- Mood Swings: You may experience changes in your mood. Women often report irritability, depression in their behavior which indicates the symptoms of menopause.

- Vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse: Women generally experience vaginal dryness but this problem becomes more acute with menopausal women. To combat with this try and opt for water based lubricant and stay hydrated.

- Sleep Disorder: It may be difficult for you fall fast asleep if you are menopausal women. This is because of the changes your body is going through during menopause.

- Frequent Urination: It is very common for menopausal women to lose control over her bladder. You may feel a constant urge of going to the loo or pain while urinating. This is because during menopause the tissues in the vagina and urethra lose their elasticity.