Very Popular quote “Beauty Lies in the eyes of the beholder” seems really true when you come across a person with beautiful eyes.   Eyes that express your thought are the mirror of your emotions.

Eyes play a vital role in our day to day chores and activities. A special attention is required for unique creation of GOD.

Eyes are the ‘Gateway to One’s Soul’, which keeps them busy all day and night – a tiring task indeed! Tired eyes need at least 8 hours of rest to fully recover.
To help alleviate eye fatigue caused by extended use of computers, long per
iods of driving, studying and reading, we presents a therapeutic tool i.e. an  eye massager.

You just have to attach therapeutic tool and massage your beautiful Eyes for 5-15 min and feel the relieving sensation

It’s a very appropriate therapeutic tool used mainly for those of you who have a vision disorder and for you the day to day often in front of the computer.

It loosens tense nerves and around the eyes by maintaining the surrounding blood circulation. You will have spend relieving evening with your loved one
Now no more spending sleepless nights due to headache after whole the day’s work, as massaging the eye will overcome the headache

It’s also a substitute for your cosmetics for eyes. It reduces eye wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes and eye bags due to tired or lack of sleep.

Do your regular massage and get relief from insomnia, tension, myopia, hyperopic astigmatism, eyestrain and headaches.