Look around and you will see people who run away from dentists, where as there is another group who look forward to physicians. Are these dentists really that scary? Most dental procedures are not that painful. But the idea of being checked by a dentist can be stressfull. So let’s see by the end of this which category do you fall in.

For certain people they can live with an anxiety about visiting a dentist, but people with dental phobia the thought itself is terrifying. For this reason these people will in fact do anything and everything to avoid a dental appointment. A phobia by definition is an intense and unreasonable fear. Being a dentist even I can suffer anxiety on a dental chair, but the main aim is to tackle it with patience and learn more about it, so you can beat against it.

Some studies have concluded that up to 75% of people surveyed have at least a little fear about dental visits. Dental anxiety and phobia being extremely common do not mean the same thing. Those with anxiety will have an unfound fear, a sense of discomfort and not being easy, where as dental phobia is something that can be described as a terror, intense fear or panic striken.

People with dental phobia will have high risk of early tooth loss and gum diseases. There is often a serious loss of self-esteem as they will have discoloured damaged teeth, leading to affect their personal and professional life. They will smile less often and talk with their mouths closed. People with phobia in general will suffer from poorer health and can be found associated with life threateneing conditions such as heart diseases.

Dental phobia like any other mental conditions can be treated. Without proper medical assistance any phobia can get worse in time. There are varying reasons for this like pain. This is because of their first visit to a dentist under the title of being “pain-free” or a negative past experience. People might feel that they have no control of their of movements on the chair and start feeling helpless about it. They may feel they cannot see what’s going on around them. Mouth being the most personal and intimate part of the body, people might get embarrased or ashamed to let it be examined by a stranger, during a dental treatment the dentist face may be a few inches away causing the uneasiness.

Not to worry about as everyone copes with their fears and anxities in different ways. You might not have a comfortable sleep a day before your appointment, getting nervous while you are in the waiting room, the sight of instruments arranged on the dental unit or the white coat itself can terrify you or even the thought of instruments in your mouth might leave you breathless.

If any of the above tells about you. You must inform your dentist about it. Tell them about your fears, concerns and feelings. Your dentists will listen to you openly and will be very kind enough to change the way you need to be treated. After all, we dentists want a smiling world around us.

BY: Dr. Syeda Shadan - Doctor of Dental Medicine Will be glad to receive your inquiries on