In India, Diabetes is the most common disease people suffer from every second. It is a form of disease in which our blood sugar increases after every meal and remain high due to lack of insulin. There are three types of diabetes which has different symptoms and causes.

1.    Type 1 Diabetes occurs when an immune response causes damage to the pancreas and insulin could not be produced. In that case a patient has t take insulin in the form of infections.

2.    Type 2 is the common form of Diabetes and it’s a state when tissues in the body become resistant to insulin. The cause behind this type of diabetes is still not clear the reason could be overweight, poor diet and physical inactivity.

3.    Another type of Diabetes is the gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy due to the physical changes that occur in a women’s body. This type of diabetes goes away after pregnancy but women with Gestational Diabetes are at greater risk for generating Type 2 diabetes later in life,

The threats

If the blood sugar in our body is not controlled in time it can hamper and cause threat to a major part of our body which includes eyes, Kidneys, Nerves, Brain & Heart.

Diabetes is known as ‘Silent Killer’. Most of the people are not even aware of it, so get diagnosed and take proper measures to help yourself get into the clutches of this dreadful disease.