We must have seen that advertisement on our television screen a girl goes to everyone and says “Thank You” because she is not aware of the person who donates her blood every month.  It is not merely advertisement but it is a way to show the gratitude towards every blood donor who contributes to save someone’s life. Yes, World Blood Donor day is observed every year on 14th of June. This day is especially dedicated to people who donate blood to save the life of millions who need in some or other way need blood.

The idea behind this celebration is to thank Blood Donors around the world to make a life saving effort and safe millions through their voluntary contribution. Not just that every year various themes are kept to celebrate this day, like the theme for 2014 was “Save Blood for saving Mothers”. The main target behind the theme was to increase awareness why timely availability of safe blood and blood products is a comprehensive approach to prevent maternal deaths. Similarly various themes revolve around to showcase the various causes and need of blood and blood products.  

The theme of 2015 is “Thank You for saving my life” which again revolves around thanking the Donors and encourages others to donate. 

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