The First Specialized Wudu (Ablution) Foot Washer; Especially to Assist the Elderly, Pregnant Women & those with Movement Related Challenges. Simple & Hygienic to Use, it is Ideal for Your Entire Family. What is more Interesting is that the Bold Foot Washer doesn’t Require Power & Uses Minimal Water, it Easily Fixes to Existing Water & Drainage Supplies, Just One Push of the Pedal & It Releases 12 seconds of Cool Cleaning Mist. • Uses less than 500 ml to wash both feet • Convenient for Elderly, Pregnant and Children • launched this product globally to serve the people all over the world wide, and the people are getting lot’s of benefits for pregnant women she don’t have to bent, for elderly who have the back pain problem, and other problem they can used, and with the help of this the people can’t able to save the water, and all the parts of legs will be clearly washed with the help of wudu foot washer. This wudu washer is low cost and more worthfull.

What is more interesting is that the Bold Foot Washer does not require power and uses minimal water. It easily fixes to existing water and drainage supplies. Just one push of the pedal and it releases 12 seconds of cool cleaning mist.

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