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It’s everywhere – newspapers, social media. People are tweeting , hash-tagging. It’s also in all the fashion outlets in the form of t-shirts, bracelets, tattoos (frankly I don’t get the tattoos).
Everybody is ‘going Mo’…but how many of us actually know what ‘going Mo’ is all about?
The Movember Foundation is the leading global organization committed to changing the face of men’s health. Ever since then they have raised over 559 million us dollars to date and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries.
This fund is used for saving and improving the life of men affected with testicular and prostate cancer.
Want to become a MO BRO?  Here is how :
STEP 1: Go get yourself registered at . Beginning from the 1st of November ditch those nasty blades , but make sure you start off with a clean shaven face…there…
 You are now a MO BRO , Welcome to the MOvement .
STEP 2: Starting from the 1st of November till the 30th of November  you have to grow a moustache it could be anything from a cheveron,a handle bar,an Englishman, a horseshoe to a Fu Manchu . Whatever suits you just Own it, Style it and be a man.
STEP 3: Don’t you try faking it , for crying out loud - beards and goatees so aren’t moustaches . And if you even think of wearing a fake moustache might as well add a earwig and a spanish hat.
STEP 4: DONT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A MOUSTACHE . Talk to your friends and your colleagues about your MOustache. Make them your MO BROS and try to raise funds for prostrate and testicular cancer.
STEP 5: Keep reading  this awesomesauce blog  for more information about the MOvement  this MOvember .
Are you ready for the MO challenge ? AlMOst everyone else is .
Together We can MOve  Millions .
Puns aside , we really can make a difference .


Father’s Day is right here, let’s put some focus on dad’s health.

Dads don’t complain about their health or seek advice from professionals on how to stay healthy.

This Father's Day, give your dad another reason to celebrate by helping him to be healthy.

Health tips for dad are:

1. Get regular screenings and tests – Don’t postpone or neglect your regular exams, tests and screenings. This becomes even more critical especially after 50-65. With regular exams, your doctor will be able to get a better picture of your overall health and any changes that might have occurred and provide recommendations and care as needed. Ask your doctor what needs to be checked out based on your age and health history.

2. Diet and work out – You’ve probably heard it a 1000 times but a diet and exercise can affect your health and reduce chances of conditions including diabetes, heart attack, and obesity. Make sure he does 30-60 minutes of exercise every day of the week and include some strength exercises, too.

• Zinc

Helps prevent erectile dysfunction and male infertility. Also maintain a healthy prostate. Food sources include pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds and oats and mushrooms. Blending seeds with your other favorite ingredients for a smoothie provides protein as well as a good amount of zinc. Safe dosage for consuming supplements is 40 mg or less; taking more than 40mg can cause toxicity in the body.

• Iron

Men high iron can result from eating too much liver, pork and beef or fortified cereals. Be sure to take multi-vitamins specifically for men as they will have lower amounts of iron or none at all. High amounts of iron are associated with higher risk of heart disease, liver disease, and cancer among other health issues. It is important for men to test their iron levels in the body through the following two blood tests called "serum ferritin" and "transferrin saturation." Both tests are necessary to determine an accurate reading.

• Healthy Fats

Eat salmon, walnuts and flax seeds (ground up and put in a smoothie or sprinkled in cereal) to increase the amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in the body – a factor in a lowered risk of cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Avoid transfats from junk foods and fried foods associated with inflammation in the body and increased risk of heart disease.

3. Listen to body – Often dads will put off going to the doctor or hospital. Don’t be a hero and listen to your body. If something seems off and you are not feeling yourself, contact a doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Limit or avoid alcohol and never use tobacco – The effects of tobacco and alcohol have been proved. In moderation, wine and even beer has been shown to have some heart health benefits. Best is to limit alcohol consumption or drink in moderation. On the other hand, tobacco use in every form and usage level is bad. There are programs and medications available to you to help you quit this costly and life-shortening habit.

5. Good sleep – Good sleep can make all the variations in our functionality, attitude, energy level and health. Sleep is important for recharging the body’s systems. Serious conditions like sleep apnea exist and the more weight you carry, especially around your stomach area can affect your health. Losing weight can help reduce these risks.

As an added bonus to a healthy lifestyle, don’t forget to get plenty of fresh air.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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                            10 COMMON REASONS FOR HAIR LOSS IN FEMALES

Not just men, women too suffer from hair loss. While men may lose hair in a different pattern, women mostly complain of decreasing density of hair, of parting showing through increasingly, receding hair line or of a bald patch. It is important to realise the real reason of your hair fall to be able to treat it in the right manner. Depending on how serious the damage is, an appropriate solution can be found. We list 10 common reasons for hair loss in females.

Bad hair etiquette: Excessive use of hair styling tools like strengtheners and curling iron or hair products like gels, mousse, sprays, colours, etc can damage the hair shaft and prolonged usage can hamper its growth.

PCOS: In this condition, male hormones or androgen are secreted in excess and they form small fluid-like sacs in the ovaries which are known as cysts. It is due to hormonal imbalances in your body which negatively affects your hair growth as well. While you may notice more hair growth on your body, it can trigger hair fall from your scalp

Anaemia: Anaemia is a result of low iron intake in one’s diet. Many women may be anaemic due to heavy menstruation or inadequate folic acid in their body. This results in low production of haemoglobin which means less oxygen to your organs. When oxygen does not reach your hair follicles, they tend to be weak and break easily. This results in hair fall.

Menopause: A lot of changes take place in a woman’s body once she hits menopause and one of them can be hair fall. This is because estrogen hormone levels are low and the body. They can make the hair dry and also cause hair loss if due care isn’t taken. It is essential to use mild shampoos and condition your mane as well as eat right.

Labour: Many women experience hair fall after their delivery. This is because, during pregnancy, there is a peak in the hormone estrogen so you can expect a full head of hair. But once the baby is delivered, hormones go back to their normal phase which may result in hair falling out at once. But this is a temporary phase and hair growth returns to normal after a few weeks.

Protein deficiency: Our hair is made of a protein called keratin. When we do not eat protein-rich foods, it depletes from our body making the hair brittle. This leads to weak strands which fall prematurely. 

Medications: Women who are on birth-control pills can have side-effects like hair fall if they abruptly stop using them. Other hormonal pills and therapies can have a similar effect. Chemotherapy sessions also result in hair loss. (Read:Hair loss medications you can use

Extreme weight loss: Crash dieting and losing a lot of weight suddenly or too quickly can adversely affect the growth of your hair. This is because, usually these diets deprive your body of essential nutrients or put a ban on eating certain food groups which then impact your hair growth.

Medical illnesses like thyroid disease, autoimmune disease:
Thyroid is responsible for secreting triodothyronine and thyroxine hormones which are needed for proper growth and development of our body. When a person suffers from hypo or hyperthyroidism, there is excess or low secretion of these hormones which can lead to deficiencies if not treated on time. Hair loss is one of the complications due to various changes taking place in your body. In autoimmune disease, our body creates antibodies against our own cells and tissues. They attack hair as well as other organs resulting in hair loss. (Read: Home remedies for hair loss that actually work!)

Any acute or chronic medical conditions: Conditions like diabetes psoriasis are also responsible for loss of hair. Diabetes negatively affects the body’s circulatory system. This means that less amount of nutrients and oxygen reach the upper and the lower extremities of the body i.e. the feet and the scalp areas. If diabetes is causing poor blood circulation to the scalp, the hair follicles will die resulting in hair loss. Psoriasis is a skin disease which also affects the scalp and hair follicles.
While shedding of 60-100 strands every day is the norm, anything more than that over a period of time can cause hair loss. If you notice this, it is best to get yourself checked for any underlying condition which could be causing your hair fall. 

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                                             THE END TO HAIRLOSS AND BALDING

Are You suffering from Baldness.  The moment People know about this will give You thousands of home made remedies for the cure for baldness. But Alas!

Nothing works. Almost all Your efforts goes in vain. And now You are fed up of  trying all home made remedies.


Don’t get Disheartened…

We have a good news for You

A complete solution for hair loss not only for men but also for Women

Here a company  come with a brand Natural Product …. “Ervamatin hair Lotion” Ervamatin power is a Capillary Lotion which has in its composition many phyto- therapeutic agents known by World experts that confirms its ingredients found only in AMAZON RAIN FOREST.

Matin Power is naturally prepared exclusively for the treatment of hair loss.

You can Use it with having the fear of any side effect, that You generally in have in
almost all other products.

All herbs used in this formula is recognized by CTFA  (The Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association) which is very popularly located in New York, and also been accepted by The world  health organization (who) With regular use for  months one may see good positive results.
Improvement would be visible right from the first month

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