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                                                     Master Piece Your Foot Wash

Western Toilets have created major issues when it comes to wash foot after your call for nature.
It becomes all the more difficult when it comes to wash Foot during ‘WUDU’. Obviously washing the foot in the wash basin is not that easy and comfortable and also it makes no sense to wash the foot in wash basin unnecessarily spoiling the washroom area around by splashing the water over.

Many a times Bending to wash Foot is not suitable for Your Health and you may comfortably perform it.
Bending has always been a problem for pregnant ladies, Old Age People and People with many medical ailments.We have been craving for some new invention to solve these problems and make the life more comfortable.


Good news for all those facing foot wash issues

Foot washer designed especially to assist adults and children, old people, pregnant women & those with movement related challenges Wudu Foot washer also enables You to perform ablution comfortably.

You don’t have to know the rocket science to use Foot washer. It’s very simple and user friendly
Simple and easy to set up. It quickly connects to water and drainage supplies.
No professional Plumber is required for fitting.

It may not burden you with extra expenses by adding to your electricity Bill. It does not work on Electricity, just connect it to water connection and enjoy the leisure .Just a push of pedal and it dispenses Seconds of mist of water

Your Entire Family can enjoy doing WUDU easily with this simple and hygienic Foot washer without splashing water and keep the washroom area clean, Winter season we tend to keep yourself warming up indoors. In the process you may get intense heat gradually drying our skin out
Arrival of winter alarms us to give extra care to our skin. Apart from Body lotion and much moisturizer cream for our skin, our feet also need extra care and attention

Keeping yourself completely clean are very healthy habits. Pedicure can help prevent nail disease and nail ailments Dry, cracked heels, rough bits on the sides of toes, toenails are all common effects that winter gives to our foot.

The Foot mask removes even the most stubborn calluses and flaky dead skin cells. Soothe tired feet. Truly a miracle product that lives up to its name.

This exfoliating foot mask can remove the thick hard layers on the feet to turn the foot skin baby soft, delicate, tender and white.

The product contains natural ingredients to make it safe as well as effective. This Foot Mask does not contain the potentially harmful ingredient salicylic acid. Our Foot Mask uses herbal extracts to achieve optimum results.
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